Welcome to the Holy Scroller!  The name of the site is a play on words based off the term Holy Roller, which according to Urban Dictionary as” A person that is heavily religious, listens to contemporary christian music, and has a “holier then thou” attitude.

I find this funny because I am spiritual and have a solid faith, listen to Contemporary Christian Music (and was once a Christian music DJ and podcaster) but I do not, and have not ever knowingly maintained the attitude mentioned above.

My name is Charley and I work full time in the Telecommunications industry.   I am also a Christian, husband for 20 + years, have a teenager, Washington Nationals baseball fan, runner (sometimes) and

In my spare time to relax I enjoy woodworking, primarily with a scrollsaw.  The projects that I enjoy making the most are crosses, Christmas ornaments, and phrases that are cut in wood and used as wall art.  I would really like to learn other wood crafts like carving and making pens on the lathe.

The vast majority of the stuff I make is gifts for people, or to decorate my house.  I created this site for a couple of reasons:

To display pictures of what I create

To be a resource for patterns, both  my originals and ones created by others

To bring together 2 things that bring me joy, Faith and Creativity

To build a community of people with similar interests

Possibly a future outlet if I decide to sell my surplus pieces

Maybe do a set of videos, but there are some great ones on Youtube already

Thanks for stopping by and we will catch you down the road!