Spiritual Gifts – Thoughts from the journey

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For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.                         Jeremiah 29:11

At my church we started a new message series called  Shaped To Be A Masterpiece this past week.  The main meat of the message was that everyone has a Kingdom Purpose and that when we accept Christ we immediately gives you 4 major gifts; Forgiveness, Eternal Life, The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts.
I must confess that I was one of the people that made it 50+ years without knowing for certain what my spiritual gifts are.  I always thought that I had a gift of service but wasn’t completely sure.  Since I was on the camera team last weekend I got to hear the message twice and it was one of those messages that make it feel like Pastor John was talking directly to me both times. (and watching it online again )
Now that I have had some time to reflect on this even more, I realize that God had set me on this course as far back as Middle School.  I was not the greatest student by any means, but the things I was best at in school was Drafting class and Wood shop.  (and spitball wars in math class … )
Once I graduated I lost track of drafting and woodworking for a long while and did some things that were a complete 180 as far  as skillset goes – I was an electrician, a roadie for a production company and a couple of bands, worked in various grocery stores, and ended up at my current job in cable communications where I have been for going on 27 years.
Over the 26 years, I have done various jobs from being an installer / service tech, maintenance / line tech, Supervisor, and my current job as a coax and fiber optic designer for the last 12 years.  Guess what I spend most of my day doing.   Drafting the network in our mapping software.
Kathy and I went to a Home show and we saw a demonstration on the scrollsaw and after some discussion we bought one.  I used it for about a year and maybe it was my ADHD mind – but I lost interest and the saw gathered dust.  (not saw dust.. )
My Father is glorified when you produce much fruit and in this way prove that you are my disciples.                                                                                                            John 15:8 
Fall of 2016 came and after my Kairos weekend I felt the push to start sawing again to make Christmas gifts for people.  Once I became reacquainted with the saw, of the first projects I made was an Amazing Grace Cross for Pastor John.
Our good friend Tammy was going to have surgery, so I made a cross for her to brighten up her recovery.  I had also made numerous other gifts for people and I started to really  pay attention to how much these gifts mean to the people I was giving them to.
A spiritual gift is given to each of us . . . as a means of helping the entire church.
1 Corinthians 12:7 
I also started doing some different things like the personalized ornaments.  I have found that the time in my shop creating my art is really my unique way of serving creatively.  Hmm…  see a pattern developing?  What brought ole introverted me the most joy in school; drafting and wood shop; is now what brings me joy in my middle ages.  I’m using the gifts God has given me to inspire others.

I’m still not 100% sure that creating Inspirational Wood Art is my spiritual gift or not, but I do know that it is extremely fulfilling, and I would rather give what I create away rather than make a sale, and I am humbled that what I make will bring people joy for weeks and years to come.  It’s a pretty awesome blessing.

One thought on “Spiritual Gifts – Thoughts from the journey

  1. Charlie, I have seen a number of your beautiful pieces. Thank you for using your spiritual gift to bring joy and a spiritual reflection to all that you share your gifts with.

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